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Thursday, 1 September 2011

What (also) Makes a Great Book Title?

I was interested in this article, Three Elements of a Killer Title. I've struggled to find a title for my first book, currently appearing as Peregrin Zefyr and the Timehiker - not my favourite choice, but the nearest I could get to something that did the trick, IMHO ... and which had not already been bagged by somebody else.

I was not short of ideas, and they must have been good ones. I googled each one as I thought of it, and most of them are already out there attached to recently published books for children.

According to the writer of the post, the title needs to represent the story, add intrigue and sound good. I'd have to add, you also need to be the first person to think of it.

Ho hum.


Thomas Taylor said...

The title is so hard to get right. My own first novel was written under the title The Ghost Effect, but marketing considerations got in the way if that one. It now has a sombre one-word title, something that seems epidemic right now. I like the sound of your book, by the way, especially if it has time travel in it!

Sue Sedgwick said...

Thanks Thomas. Actually, I think title is one of the first things that gets changed when you've got a deal, so any choice has to be thought of as a working title. BTW - you have to tell us what the sombre one-word title of your book is - I'm intrigued!

ec said...

I always go for three words or less. Don't ask me why. I tend to get annoyed at books that have long titles (same with songs) because it makes it hard to remember to share it with others.

All four (two completed, two in various states of progress) of my novels are one word titles. I thought long and hard about them, but as none of them have been published, maybe I need to revisit them.

My first (which you know, Susan) is still my fave title. Just by sound. :D

Thomas Taylor said...

Sue, you're right -- the title is something an author has little control over. My novel's title, which isn't as sombre as all that really, can't be revealed just yet I'm afraid. Soon, I hope.

Sue Sedgwick said...

I'm sure you'll let us know ... look forward to it

Thomas Taylor said...

Actually, I don't know why I'm being so secretive. It will called 'Haunters'.

Sue Sedgwick said...

Now you see that's just the sort of thing I'm looking for: short, memorable,suggestive of a number of meanings I assume are relevant to the book