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Friday, 26 August 2011

An Award!

Thanks Kate.

And it's virtual too - my favourite. It can be any shape I like. Let me think ... some kind of small furry animal ... a mole. Why? I don't know. Let's see. A blogger is like a mole because ... you toil away in the dark thinking no-one's noticing: meanwhile you're creating little hills all over their lawns.

Just to explain, this beautiful golden statuette of a mole (you need to see it, friends) is a 'One to Follow' award from Kate, aka the Scribbling Sea Serpent.

Now I need to pass the favour on to others. Trouble is, as she says, I'm very new to the blogosphere and I doubt that my recommendations will add much that's new. On the other hand: what an excellent stimulus to follow up a few links I've been meaning to chase.

Watch this space: more Moles will follow - though of course the recipients can also make the award in any image they like ...

1 comment:

ec said...

I like the idea of a mole award. :D