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Tuesday, 26 July 2011

Profiled Away

Don't make me choose.

I'm a writer. What I do best is the dazed look which comes over my face shortly before one of two things happens: someone says "You're thinking about that book again, aren't you?" or I walk into a wall.

I don't do choosing, much less about important things like books. If I'm asked which is my favourite, I'm paralysed with indecisiveness. Does it mean just that? As in, my best ever, the one I would save from the final bonfire? Or the one I want to read today, or the one I would recommend to you? Or, as a children's writer, should my answer be my favourite children's book? That would be four different books, if I could make up my mind at all. And it would leave out so many ...

Any answer is bound to be evasive, and different to the one I would give tomorrow. So instead, my profile will say what I'm reading at the moment. I might post a review when I'm finished.

Music, now, that's different ...

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